Korg Kontrol49 causes loss of pitch / detune in Korg Kronos

Hello all,

Recently bought a second hand Kontrol49, to go with my Kronos 2-61.
At first all seemed well, but last night the combination started misbehaving.
I was playing a bass line, and heard the different layers starting to detune.
Has anyone ever encountered this?

Thanks in advance,

This problem only happens when controlling the Kronos from the Kontrol, right? That would almost certainly eliminate the Kronos as a suspect. Then I would start looking at MIDI data from the Kontrol.

Indeed. It didn’t occur with my previous controller either.
What complicates matters is that the problem is intermittent.

I’m not familiar with the Kontrol, but it could be that a slider is jumpy and putting out data bits that it shouldn’t be putting out. Are the sliders used for tuning like that?

I guess that’s the next question to tackle: What on the Kontrol is set up to adjust the tuning of those bass parts?

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Would cleaning the sliders with contact spray possibly help?
As for which slider is putting out the tuning data… I will hook it up to the Kronos and try each of the sliders and knobs.
Thank you, sir!

If it does turn out to be a slider issue, a spray of DeOxit or something equivalent should definitely help.

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Testing today.
Yesterday evening I took the bottom off, and reseated all the ribbon cables I could get to.
One thing I noticed was that the screws holding the key bed down, were less than tight.

Adventure awaits.

We have a winner.
The first (of eight) slider is not going all the way down to zero.
The little display above shows values between 4 and 127.
Switching off the slider in question works.
Now to switch them off permanently (old board, old software, software needed to save settings)

Thank you for your input, Sam!

Hooray! Maybe the slider can be replaced. I’m not sure what it uses, but if you could send a photo, we might be able to match it.

All the sliders have been disabled. I finally found the Editor Librarian for the board.
Since the Kontrol lives on top of the Kronos as a set of extra keys and pads with midi capability, the sliders are not necessary.

In order for me to get a picture, I have to completely take the innards apart.
If I change my mind, and do start to use them, I will know where to go for parts :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

If the Kronos pitch drifts when in a standalone mode I would suspect the pitchbend joystick. I am getting ready to replace my 3rd one. This time on a 1st gen K88.

I think you can unplug the wiring to the joystick, and then see if the pitch drifts - that will tell you for sure if it is the joystick.