Korg Kronos 2 not loading writing "Update Error" on the screen

Good morning Gurus, please I need your expertise assistance on a Korg Kronos 2 not loading to Menu but writing “Update Error” on the screen.

I guess this must have been from the corrupt memory card– i don’t know if I’m right– so I’m thinking if it’s possible to use Korg Krome memory card for it, maybe it could work with it?

And my fear is won’t it corrupt the Korg krome memory card also, incase i tried it???

Please I humbly need your urgent advise on this.

Thank you I’m most grateful.

The Krome has a totally different OS so it will not work, besides, the kronos uses SSD vs the Krome uses a regular small sd card.

make sure that no devices whatsoever are connected at the back of the unit before starting. See if the loading bar appears and progresses.

If nothing happens or the bar freezes after trying a times, i think your next best option is to perform a new OS installation using the recovery DVDs that came with the unit . You can also download them from KORG’s website. The dvds and download have pdf docs that guide you through the recovery. However, i recommend you reviewing the steps thoroughly and also watching videos on how to do it before you start it. Korg has a good customer service. call them for techical support and see what they recommend you.

CAUTION, recovery will delete everything from the ssd so you’ll loose ALL your saved data/librararies/…


Thank you so much for this… I will check through