Korg kronos 2 screen not touching well

Please experts what could be the problem of korg kronos 2 screen not touching well.

Is it the touch screen problem or technical problem?

I had a couple of M3s back in the 2000s. I learned, quite quickly, that the Korg TouchView screens don’t hold up to well to touching them with fingers. My hypothesis, and it is just that, is that the surface area of a finger touch displaces too much screen volume and eventually leads to decreased performance. When I got my Kronos 2, I never touched the screen with my fingers, only a plastic stylus. I have not observed any performance declines over the time I’ve had it. Similarly, I got an M3 module with a recently replaced screen and after only using a stylus on it I haven’t had a problem with it, either. Given Korg’s track record with their touch screens, I’d bet it is the screen.

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Thanks for valid contribution. It’s welcomed

But I already ordered the Kronos touch screen from syntaur. I got a mail already that it will arrive in 7days time.

I’m hopeful.

Hi mosspa1,

I just got informed that after church praise worship section, like 2hrs after the screen touch seems difficult to press to set programs.

Coumd this be to the effect of not using stylus pen?

If yes, what stylus would you recommend?

Thanks for your quick reply