Korg Kronos screen not responsive

When it rains, it pours. I posted about a non-functional Akai S950 yesterday, today its my Kronos.

I tuned my Kronos on this morning and all keys/buttons/knobs/faders seem to work fine, the screen turns on, but is non-responsive to touch. I’ve cleaned it, tried a digitizer pen thing, nothing. I popped onto ebay and found either full replacement screens or just the digitizer panels. If the screen turns on and displays right, do I need to replace the whole screen, or just the digitzer panel? The panel is half the price of the screen and can be bought locally instead of ordering from over seas, so I’m hoping to hear it’s just the digitizer panel. Thanks in advance!

Just in case anyone runs across this later -

It was the digitizer, which you can buy separate from the entire screen. You’ll need a heat gun to get the old one off and screen repair tape to get the new digitizer on. You have to take out a few things do to a weird design, but the guys on youtube all remove the full keybed, which at least for mine was unnecessary. All in all about a 45 minute job, very easy, the hardest part was the heat gun and making sure to reattach the new one straight. I will answer any questions I can but I’m not particularly good at stuff like this and I got it done pretty easy.

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