Korg LE bad PCM


I purchased Korg Le 61 that had a malfunction power supply circuit issue. That issue was resolved and the keyboard boots up normally and EVERYTHING is functional 100% except the sound is distorted. Made many tests (including self test mode) and included it is the PCM chips. If loading user samples, they sound normal. It’s funny but the effects act properly on the distorted PCM and modulate them as expected.

Any idea on how to resolve this issue ?

1-replacement boards are very expensive so not buying any.

2- i read some where the chips can be swapped with earlier editions of triton classic pcm chips.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

if a general reset doesn’t fix the audio then you most likely have a damaged IC chip

look at the audio signal from the PCM IC chip and at each op amp in the audio path and look for what isn’t right.

Audio path is good. Samples loaded to RAM play 100% and the effects are good. Any programs using internal PCM sounds extremely distorted. I’ve already tried factory reset.