Korg m1 blank screen, no sound, not booting

When i first got it, my korg M1 worked great, and i had enjoyed it to great extent, untill it’s battery needed replacement, which i did. Before that this problem had occured only maybe once or twice, and i didn’t even think much of it, but ever since i have replaced the battery, the problem is so consistant that i am barely able to turn on the synth on at all.
To be more precise, what happens is that when powered on, the top row of the lcd screen iluminates fully, as if it is blank, and i get no sound.
Before replacing the battery, it was only a matter of restarting it, and it would work fine. Now i can try and turn it on a hundred times (and i have, i even counted), and it will not boot.
Only time it does start is if i keep it unplugged for a few months and try it again after a while.
Recently i have taken a closer look at it and paid special attention to the power supply board, where i have found a leaking cap, aswell as bunch of that nasty glue that has turned brown and, which i have read, can become conductive. I had removed nearly all of it and have replaced that leaked cap with a new one of the same specs.
After said attempt of an repair, i managed to get it up and running again and the problem appeared to be solved, but after only like 30 minutes, after restarting, the issue persisted.
If anyone has any idea, or advice, i’d be happy to hear it.

Hi, it sounds like your power supply needs to be repaired. I had a similar problem with my Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard. My power supply had to be changed. I bet your power supply needs to be changed or repaired. My ASR-10 power supply was the original power supply. I had it replace and it works perfectly now.

Re seat all connectors also check for cold solders on power board.

Hi, did you ever correct your M1 power issue. I have a few power board in my bone yard if you like to discuss you issue please message me. Good luck!

Hey, sorry for not being active for so long, life got in the way… That might turn out to be really useful, and i will certainly contact you if i ever go down that path, but since then, i have diverted my attention from the power-board. The problem remains, but it manifest differently. Assuming i have the synth unpowered and the power chord dissconected, if i do plug it in the wall and power up, it does so ( most of the time ) without issues. It’s like a timer going off from when i plug the powercord, because after some time, it will consistantly turn on on the second attempt, and later still it will take long time to turn on (the “error” shows but for a second or two, then it starts). Some time after that it will not start unless i slam it with my fist on the spot left to the screen. Than i noticed that buttons (int, combi, prog, etc…) will not light up when i get the error. At this moment i think the problem is in the connectors, and if nothing the lcd screen board ( as i have seen multiple people with the same issue report online to have fixed their problems). I only never got around to try and do someting about it. Thank you for your response regardless. (Like i said, i might end up contacting you about the power board.)

Sounds good. I have a couple of M1’s to salvage through if needed.
Austin Keyboard Repair.

Great! Here is my email, austinkeyboards@gmail.com