Korg M1 Joystick parts

Hi All,

Does anybody know where can I find this broken part?

see photos here 1 2 3

Obviously, a replacement is the preferred solution, but in a pinch, I’ve been really impressed with a glue my wife uses in her jewelry-making projects called “E6000”. Super strong, and I now keep a small tube in my keyboard maintenance tool kit. If the forces on that joint aren’t crazy, it might get you by until you find a new part. Good luck!

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That’s gonna be tough to find one of these. There are a LOT of M1’s out there, and apparently lots of them need joysticks - whenever we get any of those parts in, they sell almost instantly.

Based on that, I’d sure work on repairing the broken piece. That piece will take some abuse, so I’d go heavy-duty on it. We’ve had luck with that sort of thing by using epoxy, and by leaving a thick glob over the whole area of the break. Hopefully on the inside of the part, where it won’t show, you’ll have room to glob it on there.

Good luck!

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Thank You Sam, I will try to fix it with epoxy!

I wonder if a 3-D printer could make one. E6000 is a really great glue. Kawai used to requimend it.

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Hi sam, I have a Korg M1 for parts for sale. Interesseted?

Ho much for M1 and just for joystick?

for the M1 160 €. + shipping. where does it have to be send to? I’l check the rates. I see your are from New York. shipping will expensive

We typically only buy parts boards from within the US, because the overseas shipping is so expensive.