Korg M1 key lubricant

Does anyone know which is the best key lubricant grease to use on the older M1 keyboard?

I service and refurbish keyboards including the Korg M1, I always use white lithium grease (non-aerosol).

Thanks dude! I guess I can use the Yamaha key grease that I have on hand then…

I also use white lithium grease - I put a very thin coat where parts move against each other

I would advise against using anything different than the Yamaha grease (or similar from other keyboard vendors). In fact, that Korg M1 uses a Yamaha keybed, the same used in the Yamaha SY77 and lots other. That grease has the correct properties to keep the feel on the keybed and won’t damage the plastic. Other lubricants may do. YMMV

I’m working on complete replacement electronics apart from the key contacts boards for an ancient Casio. It also has very bad need for lubrication … just can anyone say is this grease plastic safe, are all these keys plastic?
What about silicon - it is said to be best for plastics. I see some “treadmill silicone lubricant” - is that an option?


I am certified in Panasonic DVC-PRO 25/50 HD Digital video cameras and VTRs. I don’t do much these days servicing as tape has gone by the wayside with file based memory card content video formats. When I was at Panasonic tech school, I was introduced to “super lube”. It was the lubricant I used in servicing these mechanical tape monsters for almost two decades. It holds up great in all kinds of temps, won’t run when it gets warm, plastics safe and doesn’t appear to dry out. the product comes in a tube OR pen style applicator. https://www.super-lube.com/

hope this helps.