Korg m1 (no sound, blank screen)

Hello guys, I have a KORG M1 and the main issue is that I have no sound, along with a blank screen, when I power it on, the screen lights up but nothing is displayed, also there is no sound. I tried testing a replacement screen and see if I get some message, but same result; blank screen. I already replaced 4 capacitors from the powerboard, (220 uf 25 v, each) but no luck. Any suggestions? thanks in advance!

Is the power supply putting out the correct voltages?

Sorry for the delay; about voltages… actually I tried another powerboard (wich I knew was tested and was working correctly) but no luck, so, so far what I tried is:

  • a new screen
  • a new powerboard

but the main problems continue; blank screen and no sound

Hi, I got in a M1 with the same problem, did you ever fine out what the problem was?

So far no luck, I’m starting to believe the problem is either in the mainboard or the converter board.