Korg M1 Plus 1 issues with onboard patches after repair

Hi I bought my M1 plus one in 1993, it started distorting on some sounds so I brought it to a local music service place, He had fixed the problem but when I brought it home about 15 or so patches were not playing what they were supposed to be sounding like. I tried two different backups and it’s always the same patches and i know these backups are good since I’ve used them before. He said he had to solder wire across traces that were coming off the board. With the upgraded +1 from Invision I know they had to hot rod it and maybe he got something wrong.

What I need is the install instructions for the upgrade from Invision. Mine was a factory upgrade that was branded out of the box. Does anyone know where or have the instructions to install the upgrade or had a similar issue so we can confirm and possibly fix the issue I am having?
Thanks Kevin