Korg m1 rack ears

Does anybody know where I might aquire some?


I know some synth units as well as other studio gear rack ears are harder to find than others, some are very rare or impossible to find. I know because it’s actually getting a little rare to find E-mu Proteus2K rack ears now a days.
If you have some skill and tools you can actually make your own rack ears. Use angle metal like aluminum. Depending on how much effort and detail you put into it you can come up with something pretty professional. Just have to get the right screws.

We are getting more into manufacturing, and are making Emax rack ears as a first ‘ears’ project. That doesn’t help much with the M1R or the Proteus 2000, but it’s good to know what people are looking for.

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That’s cool that Syntaur is getting into manufacturing of done rare and hard to get replacement parts for synths.

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I need rack ears for my Yamaha TG500. It seems pretty common for those to be missing with this synth for some weird reason!