Korg M1 restore sounds after switchrepair and batteryholder repair

I recently repaired 2 korgs a M1 and a X5 who are working well after reparing them. I bougth another Korg M1 who had a broken knob due to exostaed switches. I replaced them but afterwards I noticed the A button of the cursor position keeps blinking. so I can’s switch between sounds by pushing the up and down button. I also replaced the battery holder and placed a new battery. I sysexed the original sound but won’t get the right sound or notification on the led witch sound is selected. all sounds are named INit … by selecting the sound by means of a number I get diferent sounds but can’t see what they are.

someone who knows wath can be the solution.

Is perhaps one of the panel buttons stuck in the down position? I would make sure all the panel tact switches are working correctly - they are easy to check with a multimeter.

they weren’t stuck. now there’s nosound comming out. at the moment;
should I replace the whole buttonboard?