Korg M1 turns on, no sound, screen blank

After about 2 years not using it, I dusted it off, turned it on and there were no sounds (a click in the headphones when you power up or turn off on full volume), and even though something showed up, the screen was essentially blank as in the photo below.

I opened it up and changed the battery (multimeter read it as 1.3V) and also noticed what looks like a leakage as in the photos below:

I assume this is probably the reason the synth is not working?
I guess the leaking capacitors need replacing, along with the resistors with leakage engulfing them?
Anyone recommend which type I should buy?


That is definitely worth looking into.

It’s typical for a manufacturer to glue components to the board. That’s the brown paste you typically see around components. However that looks like something chemical may have been eating into it. Especially near the transformer.

I have had bad electrolytic capacitors that didn’t show signs of leaking. Over time they drifted in value.

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