Korg M3 Touchscreen

Hello i need some help diagnosticating an issue on a korg M3, the touchscreen calibration is going out of wack, from the middle screen down the finger press does not correspond to the screen position, when it works normally ive calibrated the screen in the menu, but after a while of being turn on it loses its calibration and i cant access the bottom row of tabs, is it a Cap thing or do i need a new digitizer? LCD screen is in good shape

When touchscreens fail, repairs rarely work for the long term. its usually a connection problem between the transparency and glass or plastic screen. reheating to reseal the connection either will, or mostly just makes a temporary connection that will fail again, as the original connection sealant just wasn’t good enough.

If you can get a replacement part, go for the replacement.

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I’ve had three from the mid-2000s. When the screens start ti get flakey, it’s time to replace them. You can get the touch screen (if your display is working correctly, and the only problem is the touch actuators, all you need is the touch screen element, itself, not the LCD display element). It’s a pretty cheap part $17-$25 (Google: “Korg M3 Touchscreen replacement”), you’ll get several hits for replacements, A complete guide to disassembling the M3 and replacing the screen is in Korg M3 touchscreen repair - YouTube.

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thank you, as i imagined
it wouldnt outright fail, ill order a new digitizer