Korg M500 Micro-Preset Switch knobs (and Moog counterparts?)

Hello! Any idea where I could find 2 switch knobs for a Korg M500 Micro-Preset (late 70’s)?
(Not the volume or sliders, just the switch knobs)

Anybody has an old Micro-Preset and want to sell 2 switch knobs?

Also, I was directed to these Moog knobs by someone from a Facebook forum: https://www.syntaur.com/Items.php?Item=4508&fbclid=IwAR1L5BuKoSePa_oWmUrnxYpW1_ePxQNCsv59VBnEW9YprQkcDEfMuMHJZsc

Would these work as a replacement?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

p.s. I unfortunately wasn’t able to upload pics here.

We also corresponded via email, but for the sake of other readers, the Moog MG- slider knobs look very similar, but will not fit because the M500 switch lever is a different shape from the Moog slider lever.

I suggested a Juno-106 Portamento switch lever might work (though it is certainly a different look):

If you try this out, please let us know the results!

Thanks again Sam :slight_smile: I didn’t try the Juno-106 switch knobs yet, but someone I know mentioned the Monotribe switch knobs. Do you think these Monotribe switch knobs could work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, the Monotribe switches are one piece - there is no removable knob.

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