Korg Microsampler Mic Distortion

I have a Korg Microsampler that needs to be repaired. When I attempt to record using the microphone input, I am getting LOTS of distortion. I’m able to get a clean signal by turning the input knob on the back of the unit all the way down, but then my recording levels are very low. When I turn up the mic input knob up ever so slightly, the audio signal distorts. I tried 2 different dynamic microphones and am getting similar results.

I purchased this from Facebook Marketplace and the power supply that the seller provided is not the original. I have never tried it as I am not confident that it has the correct specs for this unit. I have only used the unit with batteries. Other than this mic issue, everything on the unit works great.

Can you give any advice on how I could fix this? Or where to begin?

If the MicroSampler is working otherwise, I’m pretty sure that the power adapter is not an issue. It should have an output of 9VDC, and a rating of 1700mA or higher.

You might try running the mic into a small mixer if you have one, and then running the mixer output (line level) into the Korg - that may get you a cleaner signal.

Hey Sam, Wow! I am honored that you replied to this post! I started watching your YouTube videos about 3 months ago. I had always wanted to collect keyboards, and because of your videos, I was inspired to start picking up broken keyboards and fixing them, just for myself, not to sell. I had always wanted to have some of these synths when I was a kid, but could never afford them.

I picked up a Korg Karma last week with a display I have to somehow fix, has some vertical lines in it. But, I have been able to pick up a few keyboards now and fix them - with no experience in electronics whatsoever, mind you. Your website gave me the confidence to believe that the actual job of restoring a keyboard is even possible. I grew up in Texas, but I live in LA now. Not sure if you made it to NAMM this year, but if you did I hope you had a great time. Take care man! - Rhett

Oh - and regarding the Korg Microsampler - I ended up just selling that one, and picking up a new one on eBay. So, I’m sorry I won’t be of any help to others who may have this issue with the Microsampler.

To hear you say that we gave you the confidence to repair or restore a keyboard is probably the biggest compliment I could hear - that is wonderful, and very gratifying. We didn’t go the NAMM this year - but we will be exhibiting at SynthPlex in March (in Burbank). If you are there, please come by our booth and say hello!