Korg Mono/Poly repair


I have recently bought myself a Korg Mono/poly which is in need of some repairs.

First of all the synth is 100v, which I think might have made my issues worse, because it hooked it up to a 110v thinking it was fine since the fuses all said 125v.

Now it smells fried, and 2 resistors on the PSU now look cracked and swollen, before that it started fine and even played for a while except for the lower most keys which all played the same notes. Which is another problem.

The question I really want an answer to is how do I convert this 100v unit to 220v? I dont want to have a noise step down converter and the PSU is by the rumors I’ve heard bad to begin with.

I’ve figured out that Synthronics.de sells updated PSU which are more efficient and less noisy, I want to use one of those, but my concern is the voltage, would I just be able to buy a new switch rated for 220v, a new cable and a new psu and it would just work with 220v? or is there some inherent difference in the synth components on the inside which makes 100v different form 220v aside from the PSU? In my mind I’m thinking everything after the psu would be the same no matter the power unit because it has to convert the power down to whatever the circuits use anyway?

I’m not very experience in synth repairs, but I bought this unit as a way to learn, I’m in contact locally with people who are more experienced than me but non can answer the 100v to 220v conversion question!

Any help or hints or tricks greatly appreciated.

Best regards
Kris Eliassen