Korg MS-20 Mini, keyboard not working

Hi all!

My purchased-new Mini no longer has a working keyboard, although it triggers correctly via Midi and CV from my Korg SQ-1. Further, patching the keyboard cv to the oscillator 1+2 input with the keyboard trig out to the trig input yields nothing. These inputs respond appropriately to external input from the SQ-1, as mentioned.

The synth has not been abused. If anything, it was left plugged in, powered off, for an extended period of time. Visual inspection didn’t show anything obvious inside, no unplugged cables or blown-up looking bits. It is past warranty, so if this is a known issue or someone can point me in the right direction I am game, within the limits of my skills and limited experience. I have soldered up some eurorack modules that work, but that was following a recipe. I have a multimeter but haven’t ever had to troubleshoot anything like this previously. Halp!

Any ideas welcome and thanks for helpin’ a guy out!

handle it just like troubleshootin any electrical problem.You know it works when NOT using its keyboard,so its in the keyboard or connecting wires,maybe one pinched,but that not likely unless you;ve been inside recently for other reasons.Just trace back, somewhere in the connections you’ll show no continuity.time to test out that MM and apply the KISS priciple!

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Ok, I will do so and report back.:+1: