Korg MS 20FS Help

So I just got a new FS MS 20, it’s in white.
The short version is this is meant to be a wedding present in a few weeks, and I wanted to verify it all worked as it was the last that the dealer had/could get.

It all works great except I’ve got a clicky mechanical sound on one key. The key works properly but it just has this click sound as they key is pushed in that the other keys do not.

I am fairly handy but not an expert but I believe it’s as simple as adjusting/resetting a spring near the top of that key, but I’m not sure, and before I tried to do that or bought a replacement keybed I wanted to get the thoughts here to see if it’s as simple as I think it is.

Any help would be endlessly appreciated!

I ended up disassembling it, and I was able to get the click on the key I had an issue with to go away. However, when I was putting the keybed back together the screw above the lowest C would not tighten or seemingly grab anything, nor would the screw come out, so now low C, C#, and D all make a clickety clack sound.

After trying to get it back together and trying to find a solution on various forums I ended up ordering a new keybed from syntaur.

If anyone has any advice on what I did wrong or am missing I’d love to know.