Korg MS10 On-Off-Volume Pot

Anyone know where I can get one?

We have some pots on the way that I think will be a good replacement for the MS-10 Volume with On/Off switch. I will post back here when they are available.

Thank you! I was able to get a manufacturer part number off the existing part, but still haven’t found one:

M 10K(Ohm symbol)B 528D


We now have a pot that will work, except that the rotation is a bit too short. The one we have has a total rotation of about 265 degrees, and it looks like the MS-10 uses a 300-degree rotation pot. So if you replace yours with this new part, it will work fine except that it will ‘max out’ between the 8 and the 9 on the panel. So not perfect, but better than a non-working one…

Here’s the part we have:

Awesome, thank you! I just purchased it.

I also need 1 large and 1 small knob for the MS-10; do you have any in stock?


Sorry, we don’t have those knobs. Please let me know how the Volume pot works out!

Thanks again Sam, will do!

I ordered this switch yesterday and discovered I need 1 rubber foot. If this hasn’t shipped, can I save on some shipping and order the rubber foot now so they can ship together?


Sorry Tom, this shipped Friday!

Thank you Cody, can’t complain!


So this part worked! I can now power on/off AND adjust the volume! The rotation is a little short, but I’m happy it is usable again. Thank you!

Hey, that’s great news! Thanks for letting us know.