Korg N1 MIDI error

I have a Korg N1 which I have been using as a MIDI controller for many years . Yesterday I turned it on and my MIDI interface seems to overload. After checking everything, connection, cables I decided to do a diagnostic of the keyboard. During the MIDI tests, it generated an MIDI error. Does anyone know what could be the fix for this. Music is just a hobby for me and all my patches are programmed in this keyboard so if possible I would like to repair it rather than look for a new keyboard.
Thanks Gp

What type of error. Does it accept midi in and play or does it output midi to a sequencer? If bbn it is hardware try using different midi cables and check midi sockets for bent or missing pins on the connectors.
Do all other functions work on the keyboard besides the midi issue?
Mess as he me at ronf57@aol.com and I will try to come up with some testing repair ideas you can try.
I rely on older gear and fix most of my stuff myself.
Ron Finnerty

The cable is the first thing I checked and that was not the issue. I noticed the problem because my iconnectivity midi interface LED were flashing like crazy at the in port. It seems to be the midi out that is the problem as the LED going the midi in were fine. The rest of the keyboard works fine. I turned on the synth in diagnostics mode and it confirmed the midi error. Everything else was good. It was actually working fine 2 days before so it’s not like It got damaged during transport. It looks like some short in the DIN connector or the midi card is toasted. I tried opening it but stopped before getting all the way to the board because I did not want to make it worse.

If any one can get me a MIDI board for the N1, I’m interested in buying