KORG N364 burned SMD capacitor

Hello guys, I have a N364 that I was repairing (some faulty buttons) everything was fine until I accidently burned a SMD capacitor in the mainboard, it’s a capacitor that goes to the LCD screen connections, I forgot to connect the LCD screen ground and the moment I turned the keyboard I smelled the capacitor burning, I managed to turn the power off before the screen had any damage (I think, I really want to think the screen is ok…) I haven’t turned it on since then, so, I looked for the N364 diagram and found out the piece number to be replaced, it is a N3216Z122T01 surface mount capacitor, Impedance 1200±30% (at 50MHz), 0.1A, size code 1206, DCR (mΩ) max 1000. The thing is I can’t find it anywhere, and electronic stores ask me for capacitance value (which I can’t find anywhere nor can figure out how to calculate it). My question is if it is possible to replace it for another type of capacitor, ceramic type for example since those are more easy to find or if you know a way to calculate it’s capacitance value. I’m really stucked with this, hope you can help me guys, thanks in advance.