Korg PA80 but NOT!

I am going to tell you my story. First off, I want to let it be known that I have posted on Syntaur for various parts, and questions and other things regarding a Korg PA80, but also a Kohler KD165 Baby Grand Piano that , well, IS a Korg Pa80, except it has 88 keys i9nstead of 61. I got no response from anyone out there, so I was on my own trying to repair the Kohler, as it needed a new Main Board Korg P/N KIP2025. It is no longer available, so I got a hold of a used working Korg PA80 and was going to use that for the Kohler. I didn’t realize that it would not work with the 88 key bed in the Kohler. I then decided that I would need the Operating System software. That is also NLA. Then I realized that not only OS software is needed, but the EPROM on the main board is needed. It is a once only programable one, and the Kohler programing in the original main boards EPROM had a paper sticker saying SAMICK on it so then I realized I needed this EPROM swapped out with the good Korg Boards EPROM. Me being a retired Electronic Tech, I took it upon myself to do this. After doing so, the thing was working but only to the point that it only had the Kohler name on the display with an error saying The Operating System was not present. So NOW, I needed the Operating System. I found a local piano dealer that let me come and make a backup floppy of the files of a Kohler KD150 that they had on the floor for sale. I took the backups home and loaded them and WALAH! I have repaired my Kohler Piano but it is still a Korg PA80, so now my PA80 has 88 keys. Everything now works except the OS from the Kohler KD150 has a different OS than the one for the Kohler KD165. The KD165 has a PianoForce brand Player system in it, and the KD150 does not have this. So I am now in search for someone that has a Kohler KD165, that would let me get a backup of it’s OS. So far I have found two of them for sale on various online sites and asked them if they would let me get the OS before they sell, and no response, so I am trying everything I can think of to find this OS. Maybe my story would be seen here, and I can get some response and get the help I need so I can be finished with a repair job that has taken me now more than 3 years to do and is still not completed. Thank You!

I have nothing for you sir other than kudos for your tenacity and dedication.