Korg Poly-61 Battery Replacement kit #4447

I just received the battery replacement kit. This kit requires some component replacements and a diode installation but there were no instructions included. Would anyone have these instructions in a form that could be sent to me via email?


I kind of figured it out. I downloaded the service manual and looked at the schematic. I installed the new battery. I removed R70 and replaced it with the diode with the polarity so that the stripe is pointed away from the battery. Is that right? The KORG does seem to hold its memory.

the board should be marked for polarity. very small, use a glass you have 505 chance of it being righ and there should be a battery voltage test in the synth, and in the service manuals instructions and which buttons to push in which order/combo… FOLKS YOU BUY A SYNTH,JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE YOU FIRST TOOL PURCHASE SHOULD BE THE MANUALS