Korg Poly-61 Joystick Assembly

Hi guys,
Well, I am reasonably new here (I found this site trough Youtube). Until now i did not really needed any specific sparepart, until now. I saw that there was a replacement joystick assembly, but it is out of stock right now.
Maybe one of you can help me out, and has one in his back pocket. Or if you have any suggestions where I should look for one, then thank you again!


If it’s not a mechanical problem (snapped etc) maybe try some deoxit on the pots?

Seems the pots it uses are not a standard part. Otherwise I’d say to replace those.

Well, actually the whole joystick is missing, the pots are still intact. There is some serious damage on the funnel as well.

Okay. The DSS-1 joystick assembly looks similar to the Poly-61 and Syntaur has those in stock (although lacking the top knob). https://www.syntaur.com/Items.php?Item=2601

Obviously at your own risk, I have a DS8 and a DSS1 but not a 61 to compare.

In many cases, the only differences between joysticks on different models is the length of the wiring and the connector. So you can likely solder your old wiring harness to the DSS-1 joystick, and be good to go. I haven’t compared these two joysticks in detail (I’d have to disassemble a Poly-61 to do that, since we don’t have that joystick in stock), but I’d say it’s a good bet that they are the same other than the wiring.

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Thank you all! Because I still have the original pots with the wires, maybe that is solved as vell… to keep it really original. Thank you!

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