Korg Poly 800 components

Im hoping someone can tell me what component im missing here, this is part of the chorus button board I believe. I’m hoping this is all that’s wrong with it although that resistor to the left doesn’t look too good.

My copy of the schematic is poor, but it looks like it’s a 2SC2785 NPN

R43 is 4.7K ohm

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot

This looks to be the service manual for your Poly 800. It’s got good schematics and a chorus board pcb layout and it confirms what ProfTrudo stated. https://www.polynominal.com/site/studio/gear/synth/korg_ex800/korg-poly800-ex800-service-manual.pdf

Having a good look at your picture, most components have green corrosion on them. Something happened, either a battery leak or a capacitor exploded many years ago. None of those components will be reliable.

Even the MN3209 shows heavy rusting on the pins. This synth will require much more work to get going reliably.