Korg poly-800 repair

Hi everyone, recently i bought a non-working Korg poly-800. As i started investigating the mainboard i found out that one leg of an element D23 broke right off, so i cant measure it in any way. Do anyone can help me with finding out what is it (it looks like a diode, but Im not shure) and what it’s rating is.
Here is the link to a schematics that i found (the element is right under the letter D) http://www.oldcrows.net/~patchell/poly800/p800_1.gif

Which board number is this part on? (It should show a ‘KLM’ number screened on the board.) D23 will be a diode, and the parts list for that board number will tell the specific type of diode.

It’s a main board, the number is KLM-596-5

It looks like on that board, D1 is a 1SS-53, D2 is an SR1K-2, there is also one 1S1555 (not specified which this is), and the rest of the diodes (13 of them) are 1S2473. So it’s not entirely clear - but the best bet is that it’s a 1S2473…

Ok, I’ll try your variant. Many thanks from Russia!
For all those who need a service manual for the poly-800 here is the link I found. http://www.polynominal.com/site/studio/gear/synth/korg_ex800/korg-poly800-ex800-service-manual.pdf
I hope it will help someone.