KORG Prophecy - sudden death

Hi to all, I’m new here!

Few moments ago my beloved Prophecy died - it wont turn on.

Pressing the power button only makes a small light change in button color but LCD does not power up.

  • I checked the fuse -> its good
  • device was working normally yesterday and was in the studio so no moisture etc.
  • measured 5.2V betveen red and black wire on the port which goes to motherboard

Very very quiet but high pitched squeal/noise is heard From the PSU area while turned on. The sound keeps going until the device is shut down. Then, the sound decays slowly…

I captured the sound on video. When I disconnect the motherboard the sound is not heard:

And a hi-rez image of the PSU:

Anyone familliar with the simmilar issue?

Thanks a lot for all the help!


I thought it would be a little livlier here but anyways:

Prophecy is alive!

Control resistor in place of this little blue R2 resistor went and synth would go to sort of safety mode. Replaced with new and all works.

Hope it helps somebody in the future