Korg radias won't fully power up

Hoping to get some direction on how to proceed with repairs on a Korg RADIAS that I picked up second-hand. It didn’t come with a power supply, I ordered one off amazon (official korg). The screen turns on, but won’t go past “RADIAS” on display, also seems like backlight on display is not fully powering on. I took it all apart, cleaned it with isopropyl, reseated cables, and measured to make sure the voltage from the power adapter was measuring at 9V AC, to make sure the problem wasn’t the power adapter. Any tips would be appreciated. Is this something a synth repair shop would be able to help with for a reasonable price? Is there some sort of reset function that can be triggered at power up?

Could this be a firmware issue? Like a failed update?

Try a reset… power it up whilst holding down Global

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