Korg RK-100S daughtercard replacement part advice

After 50+ sweaty gigs my beloved RK-100S started misbehaving. Tore her down and seems the sweat was pooling around this circuit board, which is the hub between the mainboard and these front-panel items: touch strip, top row of buttons, headphone jack, front program LEDs, volume dial, and program select switch.

Eventually it seems the damage to this board consists of the C8 and C9 capacitors’ connections to their solder pads having become corroded to the point where the front panel controls and LEDs are now badly malfunctioning. (LEDs are always off; pressing and holding multiple buttons at a time causes the LEDs to light up in progressively increasing levels of brightness and random shit starts happening).

Cleaned it up with rubbing alcohol to no effect.

Tried reflowing the solder with my heat-gun at 360C and fine-tip solder pen at 500C but this damn lead-free shit is like trying to melt a diamond. No luck there either. (It’s well beyond my solder skills.)

So I figure I need a replacement for this board. Any ideas where I can get a replacement in a reasonable amount of time? Or is there somewhere I could send the part to be repaired by someone who doesn’t suck at soldering? (Have not tried contacting Korg directly yet.)