Korg RK100S MkI

Hi Synth Hive Mind!

First post and a player of things with strings, so please be gentle.

Our singer uses a Korg RK100S Mk I as a keyboard controller and we are having a few issues.

  1. Power. The power inlet is non-standard as far as what is typically available stock for guitar strap power supplies. I did build our singer a 9V Lithium Ion power pack with the specialist plug, but jumping around at shows eventually broken the lead and damaged with power inlet, so we looked to a different solution. We added a lockable standard 9V input to the unit, but Korg’s onboard detection chip refuses to accept this as a substitute for the broken inlet. We are currently down to using rechargeable batteries. Where can I go from here bar replacing a very difficult to use broken inlet with a very difficult to use new inlet. Korg’s power supply lead length is hopelessly impractical for live use.

  2. Wireless MIDI. There appear to be many solutions online to wirelessly send MIDI to a PC host. However the moment you want to send control signals from the Korg to our Nord Stage 4 and Nord A1, nothing doing. Surely there is a solution to send wireless MIDI from a controller to an onstage keyboard?

Thanks in advance!