Korg SV-1 2014 keyboard problem

Last week I turned on my Korg SV-1 and found a weird problem. I tried posting my issue on the Korg forum but nobody has answered it. I didn’t really expect a solution but at least maybe a similar issue with another user.

I’ve known that the SV-1 had keyboard problems, but I’d never had any. It has been used very lightly over the years and I couldn’t imagine any problems arising.

But last week I turned it on and only some keys aren’t working correctly.

The strange thing is that it’s ONLY the A, C#, and F keys. No, not just the ones in the middle. EVERY SINGLE A, C#, and F doesn’t work.

I tried several things: Full reset 3x, I did the ‘hold the keyboard upside down and shake it’ thing 3x. I also hit them very very hard several times. This seemed to work intermittently: They’d work for 5 minutes then crap out again.

I’d like to know if the parts you sell will work for this issue or if it’s plain just broken. I can’t figure out what aspect of the keyboard is crapping out to make only 3 specific all-register keys not function.

Any assistance in understanding this would be incredibly helpful and great.

Thanks in advance.