Korg Toggle Switch Caps

Hey there,
i am trying to find the smooth aluminum caps that are beeing used on the toggle switches of some current Korg synths, amongst others.

Here’s a link to the Minilogue XD that features them:

I found the switches but the have a somewhat ugly lever, so i am trying to source those caps only.

Any ideas?

Are you sure it is a removable key cap and not part of the physical switch? You can try to contact an authorized Korg dealer and have them order the part for you. Might only come as the entire switch unit though.

Yes, those aluminum levers are part of the switch, and are not removable.

Um ok thanks, i was under the impression its a cap because the same exact switches are available with a different lever. And the manufacturer of those does not know/have the caps or a smooth aluminum switch version.

since you guys seem to know the switch, do you have a part number or manufacturer?