Korg Trinity Panel Motherboard and Screen Replacement

Hello Syntaur, please I need korg Trinity Motherboard and screen Replacement?
Please is it available?

I need it urgently. Thanks am most grateful.

Our site lists both of these items, and shows them as out of stock - the website is a real-time reflection of our inventory. These parts have been discontinued by Korg, and we have no way to get them except for when we happen to get a Trinity for parts. On the page for any out of stock part, you can enter your email to get instant notification if and when that part does become available.

Alright. Most grateful.

Please I also need a Motherboard and Power pack board for Nord Stage 3.

Check this out. I use AliExpress all the time. Shipping is slow though.

US $76.00 | 5.7" Korg Display with Touch Screen Digitizer for Korg Triton classic Trinity I30 LCD Screen Display Panel

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Thank you for this information.