Korg Triton LE 61 Main Board Issue

Hi All,

I recently bought a Triton LE 61 off a guy for $25 in as-is condition. He said he took it to a tech and it was diagnosed with a bad main board (KLM-2277). When plugged in and powered on, the display back-light turns on, but that’s it. No sound, no text displayed on the display or anything. Before I begin the tedious process of troubleshooting the board and attempting to repair it, would anyone happen to have or know anyone who has a functional replacement board lying around?

I have found a couple listings on eBay, but they are a firm $300, which I feel is a bit steep. I know this model has been out of production for quite some time, but I’d really like to get it working!


I wish we had one of these main boards available, but whenever we get one, they sell very quickly. But I applaud both your shopping skills ($25 is a fantastic price!) and your bravery in taking on the challenge of a main board repair. It does indeed sound like a main board issue.

Do you have the service manual, by chance? That would be very handy to have once you start working on this.

And here’s an idea… Put those shopping skills to work buying a second (working) Triton LE, and use it to get the first one repaired. Then sell off one of then, and get your money back (or make a profit!).

Hi Sam, thanks for the response!

Yeah, I couldn’t believe he was only asking $25, but hey I wasn’t gonna argue with him on that!

As for the service manual, I did manage to find one with all of the circuit diagrams and parts lists included, which will be great reference material.

And let me know if you get any in stock, because depending on how my attempts to repair this thing go, I might be very interested in buying one!