Korg Triton Rack Power Failure

Hi Everyone,
My Korg Triton Rack seems to have died, ie not turning on or powering up. I have tested the power supply unit with a cable tester and it is showing power throughout ie there is power coming to the Korg.
Is there an internal fuse that may have blown?
Other than this it was working perfectly with very low usage.
Any tech / repair advice very welcome .

You’ll want to test the power supply more thoroughly with a voltmeter. You want to verify that the power supply is outputting the proper voltages. The Korg Triton has a +15V, -15V, and +5V lines. You may probe these at the voltage regulators or at the output of the power supply; check a service manual to identify which regulator is which. Be careful not to bridge pins with your probe. Ensure each of these voltages is within +/-10%, anything further than that indicates a problem.

As always with power supplies, don’t touch anything when it is connected to the wall power. Only use your voltmeter probes. Unplug from the wall and wait a few moments before handling the power supply. Let me know if you have any questions or need a more descriptive explanation on anything.

Travis, thank you for your reply.
Each of the 4 pins, on the output of the power supply is showing 12v
Beyond that I am not really equipped to do specific tests, just hoped it was something simple to fix.
I’m more of a sound engineer & not electronics troubleshooter.