Korg Volca Bass won’t start

I have a Kog Volca Bass that powers up but stays on the scrolling “Volca Bass” message indefinitely. This happens with batteries and plugged into it’s 9V adapter. I get the speaker pop when I power it off. Resets don’t do anything. Any tips?

Wow, that’s no fun. I wonder if on the PCB inside, there are any PROM chips in sockets that may be creeping out and can be gently pressed down to reseat them. That would be old school, low tech scenario. It’s probably all flat mount soldered ICs. Or make sure there’s no flotsam particles of debris rattling around in there that could be shorting out some contacts or circuit traces. If so, removing debris would be an easy fix. Sorry I have no experience with that product. I do own 2 other Volca models though, so recognize what you described. Good luck.

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Hi MultiMuse,

Thank you for your interest and for the tips. This Volca Bass isn’t the easiest thing to get apart, but I will get in there and try to figure out if something like an EEPROM or other chip has worked it’s way loose. If it does have chips I imagine they’re soldered in and not in sockets, so this may be a moot point but it’s worth a look. Yes it is mostly SMT. I’ll also give it a good blast and brush and hopefully work some dust or dirt or something else shorting it out loose. I did move from NY to AZ and it traveled in the POD we used to transport most of our belongings and it may be a victim of heat or jostling, I just don’t know. Frustrating thing is that it does power up, it just doesn’t engage. If I can’t fix it I will likely try to sell it for parts on the 'bay or 'verb and see how much I can get for it, $20 or $30 or something. Thanks again very much!