Korg Wavestation A/D & EX Power Supply? Different or the same?

Hi, probably has a “no” answer, but I have a Wavestation A/D that seems to have a dead power supply (won’t boot, just has some lines come up on the screen and to get the lines to come up again and again you have to cut power to the surge protector it’s on).

I also have my even more ancient (to me) EX keyboard that has a bad audio or jack board. I’ve never bothered to fix it since I’ve had the A/D.

Is it possible that the two units use the same power supply? I have yet to open up my A/D because the chassis is a bit bent and when I’ve repaired it before it was a pain to open. Just trying to get ahead of the game if anyone knows if the power supplies are interchangeable? I know my EX PS works.

Hi, it sounds like your LCD screen needs to be replaced.If you’re getting power when you turn it on and just seeing lins across the screen usually means the LCD screen needs replacing. You can get a replacement LCD. It’s an easy repair. It’s like 4 screws to remove the old one and 1 or 2 plugs that probably not soldered they can probably just pull out with their plastic connectors. Check for a new screen 1st unless you tested the power with an electrical voltometer to diagnose power supply voltage.

Hi! That is a good idea (I already received some advising on another forum if it ends up being the PS). I actually have a blue LCD ready to install but I’m a bit hesitant to do it myself because it’s a bit complex. I will test the ps with a multimeter and if it looks ok I’ll take my screen and the unit to a tech here locally. I am sure they can do the job. Thank you for the heads up as I didn’t even think of the screen, I use the unit via sounddiver, etc and hardly ever look at my dim screen.

Although, I will say there was no sign of power to the unit once it does the “line dance” and goes blank when powering up. Although I don’t know if that means anything?

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I had to recently replace the screen on my Roland MC 909 sa.pling workstation aa well. It looked all distorted and faded as well. I also first thought it was something much more intense. It was just the display. LCD’s don’t have a very long life compared to other components. I’ve also purchased other machines on ebay for almost half price and just needed a new display. One was an Akai S950, an MPC 5000 the other was an Ensoniq ASR 10. This keyboard was the most detailed very intense repair. All the others were just taking the screws out of the bottom, opening the machines and taking out 2 pull out plugs from the screens and 4 screws for the screens. After you’ve done it yourself at least once you’ll be shocked at what a lot of others are afraid of. It’s very simple.

I’ve replaced backlights and displays a lot over the years. In this case I didn’t think that could be it because the behavior (no leds after attempted startup, etc) looked like a PS issue. I will still check it now that I have a meter. The wavestation A/D display replacement is also more complex, because I would be upgrading it to a new blue LED display rather than the original lcd type of display. It requires multiple solder points, and replacing some other components to alter the wavestation to accept the LED type display.