Korg wavestation ex - 12 key contact strip

hello all,

First post here. I have seen a lot of the syntaur videos on youtube, awesome stuff!

Anyways, I am searching for the 12 note contact strip for my korg wavestation. some sort of liquid got into it and one strip has almost completely corroded. The syntaur website is out of stock. Anyone know were I can find this? I do notice that yamaha is the manufacturer of this piece. Does that mean I can broaden my search?


The same leaf contact assemblies were used in a number of Korg keyboards (M1 for instance) and Yamaha keyboards. That assembly is no longer available from Yamaha, but we have several contact boards that contain several of them (used). This board (from the Yamaha KX88) will get you four of the 12-note assemblies; you’ll have to desolder one, and then install it in yours.