Korg Z1 Voice Board


If y’all happen to come by the second voice board for a Korg Z1 (Partcode 001193000 Part Name PCBASSKLM-1930 in the Z1 service guide) with connector cables, please let me know. I have a Z1 that only six of the voices are working. When I opened it up, I found it was because someone removed the second voice board! (and it looked like there used to be DSP expansion card in there as well). Thanks!

They go for silly money usually. I bought a faulty Z1 thinking it was a simple fix (Local Off set wrong) but the second card had water/liquid damage. So I bought a card to repair it. I have the “dead” card which may be repairable to someone with surface mount skills, I’ve already reflowed some solder (badly) but if you want the card let me know.