Kurzweil 2000 booting factory sounds problem

I have a " loading factory sounds "problem with my k2000 and I don’t know what to do.

To the tell the things : fist I had os 2 and I changed it to OS 3.87 without changing setup eproms. I read I could do it.

But the problem I had sometimes with the old OS reappears also with the new OS : turning on the k2000 there is no patch loaded in any bank sound. The factory sounds are not available … Sometimes after hard reset they are loaded, sometimes they are not loaded…

What do you think ?


fabien, paris

Could try “Draining the battery-backed RAM”

I got this from the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) of the old Kurzweil Launchpad.

"Draining the battery-backed RAM
Sometimes a hard reset won’t correct your problem, so you must clear all the battery-backed RAM. This usually does the trick. Kurzweil suggests always doing a hard reset upon powering up, so you will also completely reset the Master Table back to the factory defaults. The Master Table contains the parameters on the Master page, Effects page, 3 MIDI pages, and the Song Mode MAIN and MISC pages. The above also applies to the Faders object, for K2500 keyboards.

How to drain battery-backed RAM on K2000/K2vx/K2500s

Remove the 3 AA batteries from your Kurzweil (accessable from the bottom of keyboards and on the back panel of rack models) and let it sit 30-60 minutes so the battery-backed RAM will drain. Nothing needs to be restored, although it is suggested that you do a hard reset when you power back up."

Here’s a link to that page: https://web.archive.org/web/20060616085358/http://www.k2users.org/k2/k_aid.htm

Thanks for your answer.
I was previously adviced to remove the 2 eprom setup chips, to clean the contacts, and to reinstalle them. This process enabled to fix the problem : now the factory sounds well reload.

By the way, I wish to tell another problem : despite new AA batteries, despite well cleaned battery box, there is often the following message " low battery " when I launch the K2000. What can I do ?


check for corroded contacts in the battery case and/or bad/loose wiring leading to the battery case