Kurzweil 2600XS turns on but won't boot up

My K2600XS will turn on, but won’t boot up. I tried the fix where I remove the battery and wait then minutes and reinsert it, but the unit still won’t boot. The screen does not become readable and no sound or even midi information comes out. Any ideas? Thanks.

Does the boot process get so far as to display “---- Please Wait ----” on the LCD screen? If so, when you see that message, quickly press and release the Exit button. That dumps you into the Boot Loader. From that screen, you can choose to do a “Hard Reset” or run a pretty comprehensive Diagnostics routine that will check every part of the subsystem.

Thanks, I will try that. From what I remember the screen remains scrabbled. But I will have to give this a try.

I tried your fix, and it worked. My K2600XS is back up and working. Thanks, thanks, thanks. There is nothing more dispiriting than looking at $5000 dollars sitting there doing nothing.