Kurzweil K1000SE

Hello, I took my K1000SE in to Midwest Audio in Arlington Heights, IL. They have done some repairs for my keyboards in the past. The K1000SE was working fine until one day the display came up garbled. After running diagnostics, that didn’t work, I took it in for repair. They advised they could not fix it because they could not locate part number 59001501, that is a 20 mhz oscillator circuit. Is this something you might have available or suggest an alternate part that I could use to replace and get my K1000SE functioning again? I did some digging and found a 20Mhz HCMOS TTL Oscillator 5 V DIP-8 4 pin half can part at Jameco. It is Jameco Part No: 2323503
I’m not sure if the Kurzweil P/N 59001501 that Midwest Audio advised was no longer available is a part or an actual circuit board…
I appreciate any feedback you may have that might help.