Kurzweil k2000 contacts

Hi I have a Kurzweil k2000 were a group of the keys are starting to require high velocity just to make a sound, did you guys have replacement parts for that keyboard? (I’m aware it maybe in the grey area between vintage and new but I a mention of the M1 on here so thought I’d give it a shot)


That sounds like the contact strips are wearing out, and we always keep those in stock. All of our K2000 parts are listed here:

While we specialize in vintage hard-to-find parts, we also carry thousands of parts for newer keyboards as well.

Awesome, thanks man, I’ll try to narrow it down to which size I need. I was afraid you might ban me for asking about a 90’s digital synth, like if I went to a blues forum and asked about NIckleback lol. thanks again!

No way we’d ban you from asking about anything synth-related!

Unfortunately, we do have to ban you for mentioning Nickleback, so you’re outta here!

Nah, just kidding.

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