Kurzweil K2000R backlight

Hi all, I’m trying to fix the backlight board on a k2000r.
It’s a little board that takes 7v DC and outputs 100V AC to light the EL backlight. My board only outputs 7 V AC so I’m guessing I need to replace the little transformer. Any ideas where to get this I’m having trouble figuring out what to search for. The schematic says EL-16, the transformer says 140 H263.
Any ideas? Thanks!!

You can replace the inverted by a handtronix inverter 5 v CCFL backligth. Look for it on EBAY.

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Thats great! Thanks so much!!

So I ordered this hantronix inverter and its outputting 240V AC. I’m pretty sure the Kurzweil backlight needs around 100V.
Any recommendations? Should I try the backlight at 240V? Should I reduce it somehow?