Kurzweil K2000S Sampling behavior

Hi, I’ve had this K2000S for a little while, fully upgraded everything (sd reader, ram, roms, lcd, etc.), and I’m just now starting to try to figure out the sampling aspect of the keyboard which is where the weird behavior happens.

I can record samples through the 1/4" analog in but I can’t monitor the input even with mon:on, the input meter shows plenty of signal and seems to be operating normally. after the sample is assigned to a key I can hear it but never before that. Also, the xlr input doesn’t seem to be working at all. It’s been a couple months, but I was pretty sure I was able to use the normal sample features previously
I’m hoping someone familiar with K2000’s might have some tips? Not sure if I’ve overlooked an internal setting or if I should start considering the sampling board is faulty.

My board has an earlier version of the sampling card with only 3-wires coming from the board (red, black, shield) and my menu doesn’t show the src option in the upper right corner of the sampling page.