Kurzweil K2000VP

Hey guys,

my name is Alex Forse from Germany. I have a 1998 Kurzweil K2000VP, it seems that the basic sample ROM is damaged. I ran diagnostic and SampleROM test failed. The keymaps contain artifacts of crackling samples, my own samples and VAST synthesis works normally. Is there any chance to fix the basic ROM and if yes, where is the rom chip located on the mainboard? maybe cleaning and re-entering could solve the issue.

THX and greets,


Don’t know a whole lot about the K2000, If the ROM chip is socketed, maybe reseating the rom chip might fix it.

Here is the service manual for the K2000R. Might help you find the location of the rom chips.
Apparently the difference between the 2000R and the VP is the factory sounds.

Oh wow! Thank you very much, i’ll give it a try!

Found the issue!!

This part was loose! it is beneath SCSI connector, could solder it back on place and SampleROM is back again!

Thank you for the service manual, this helped me very much :slight_smile:

WOW… That looks sketchy!
Congrats on the repair.