Kurzweil k2600x

Hi all
well another piece of kurzweil gear has started playing up my k2600x
today i upgraded the os to the last available
i installed some pram and 128mb ram
when i started it up after installing the memory upgrade
i get a message saying
initializing all memory …please wait k2600 v4.11
resizing master table.
this screen stays no matter how long the machine is powered up
is there anyway to fix this .
inside i have the orchestral rom fitted and have located the contemporary rom to install
i have the disk set to load everything also which i tried but the machine wasnt having any of it

I’m not that familiar with the workings of the Kurzweil boards, but I would remove everything you installed, and see if you can boot up back in its previous state. If you are successful at that, I would then upgrade things one at a time, and let the system configure itself correctly with each new piece. This way, if there is a hardware (or a software) problem, you’ll know exactly which upgrade is causing it.

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