Kurzweild K2600x

Hello, I have been restoring a K2600x and it seems to be almost fully functional, however, after several hard resets, a few of the preset voices for example 10 Funk Clav do not play, when you hit a key on the key-bed nothing comes out, where the remaining presets play just fine. In doing more research, I see that the K2661 ROM is installed on it as the Preset Programs List shows 10 Funk Clav for K 2661 when it should be 10 E Grand Stack. Could this be the problem? If a ROM goes bad or is incorrect can that cause this issue?

Hi, A late reply but hopefully this helps.

My K2600x has the same configuration as the K2661 Preset list, I think this is called the ‘V4.04 Base Objects /Best of Vast’. The ‘10 Funk Clav’ uses a keymap called ‘816 Clav’, the same keymap as the Contemporary ROM ‘825 Super Clav’ and others. Do the other sounds in the 800-899 range work?