Kuwai CP117 freezes on startup

We have a Kawai Concert Performer CP117 (Serial Number 7087862) digital piano that was gifted to us about 15 years ago. There seems to be a software issue that started almost a year ago and the piano won’t generate any sound. The screen also freezes on startup at the picture/logo which I assume contributes to the lack of sound. None of the lights on the buttons respond. We have tried restarting it, both with the power button and unplugging it from the wall for varying periods of time. There is a floppy disk that came with the piano, but inserting it doesn’t make a difference in how it starts up. The manual doesn’t have any guidance for a hard reset, only a soft reset through the menu, which we can’t access. It’s been in the exact same spot for the last 6 years or so. We connected with a digital piano repair company over the course of 8 months but they stopped responding and then shut down.

I’ve Googled and Googled and can’t find a way to somehow reinstall software. I don’t want to start physically taking it apart until I know what I’m looking at. Hoping maybe there are some answers here. Thank you!

Your KAWAI CP-117 is simply not starting up - for whatever reason. If buttons are not working then keys won’t be working either.

Get the Service Manual for the CP-137 from WDGreenhill

The CP-117 and CP-137 are pretty much same except the CP-137 having more functions - hence the circuit will be more or less the same.

There is no firmware upgrade via Floppy Disks available on these models - they have a “Soft Factory Reset” option but that is only available via the User Interface … meaning the instrument has to startup completely and LCD optins and buttons available. Other than that, the Floppies are used to play and safe MIDI files.

If the PSU is labelled maybe you can check on the available voltages … I would get the SM first though.

Awesome, thank you so much!

As an update, I was able to get this into an electronics repair company. They contacted technical support for Kawaii. Turns out, there is a reset button! It’s not identified in the user guide or technical manual at all, and it doesn’t look like it would be a system reset button. It’s under number 7 on the attached photo. Press and hold for 8 seconds.